Photo: Mario Chalmers/Instagram

The Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals is already etched in the books with Ray Allen putting the exclamation point with his historic three-pointer to continue the Miami Heat’s survival and eventual chase for its second-consecutive title.

But for Mario Chalmers, if he was filling the position of Allen on that do-or-die possession against the San Antonio Spurs, he firmly believes that he’ll make one also.

“I was wide open. I wanted the shot…I would’ve definitely made it… would’ve been all net,” Chalmers said.

By looking at the play, Chalmers was indeed wide open from the opposite wing when Allen catches the ball off Chris Bosh’s offensive rebound. With the amount of space he had, combined with the fact that he was shooting a playoff career-high 40.9 percent from three in that 2013 playoff run with the Heat, he can surely drain a trey of his own and save Miami’s season.

Even though he’s already gone in the NBA, Chalmers proved himself as one of the most reliable players when it mattered the most. He hit a game-tying three for his Kansas team to force overtime against Derrick Rose-led Memphis and eventually clinch the 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball crown and was instrumental in the Heat’s 2012 championship run with his trustworthy shooting.

From all of the clutch plays he made since his collegiate days, Chalmers earned the right to brag about what he can do on a nightly basis.