What is it about the Baltics and their obsession for releasing songs about NBA Draft picks coming from the region?

Well actually, it isn’t bad, it’s actually a nice bit of promotion about the player themselves.

The latest player to have a song written about him is New York Knicks latest international recruit, Latvian Kristaps Porzingis.

Picked higher than anticipated in this year’s Draft at number four, Porzingis has been the talk of Latvia, and rap duo Transleiteris have decided to release a song about the prodigy.

Currently the song has had over 96,000 hits on YouTube and because the majority of the listeners are New Yorkers, who might want to find out more about Porzingis, the rap group have provided us with the lyrics, translated from Latvian to English on their Twitter account.

This latest rap effort carries on from when Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas was drafted in 2011 as the fifth pick to the Toronto Raptors.

And yes … he had a song released about him, too. Rapper O’Grime brought out a corny track about the big man.

[Just in case you forgot it – apologies in advance]