Photo: Joe Camporeale / USA Today

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was a guest The Dan Patrick Show where he gave his thoughts on Bronny James and how he could do once he enters the league.

Agen Zero thinks that the oldest son of the Lakers superstar LeBron James has the ability to score 30 if he needs to, but, like his father, he prefers to make the right play instead.

“He reminds me of a more athletic Jrue Holiday,” Arenas said when asked if Bronny is a Top 10 draft pick. “He is a very smart kid. His downfall is – it’s a positive for a coach and a team – he’s very unselfish. He’s not the type that would try to go out there and score 40.

“He knows what he can do and he’s going to always play to his ability and the team’s ability. That’s the downfall to me because his ability is he can go out there and dominate a game because of what’s flowing through his body. Like, when he gets man, you can’t stop that kid. Like, the high school can’t stop him when he gets mad.”

Arenas was then asked if he thinks that Bronny could dominate in the NBA. “Yes,” he said. “He will be, at his height, a 19-7-7 type of player. That’s why I said he’s a Jrue Holiday.

“He is going to be a lockdown defender. He’ll make big plays when he needs to. He is going to be the perfect second option.

“Now, if he gets put on a bad team, and they say you’re going to be the number one option, he has that ability but he is still going to be the guy, like his father: ‘If I have to score 30, I’m going to score 30. But if I see a play for the shooter in the corner at the end of the game, I will make that pass. I will make that pass, I’m not going to force a shot.’ He is more unselfish than LeBron is, too.”