Thursday 23rd February, 2023: In the latest edition of the BBL Show available now on YouTube, Bristol Flyers’ VJ King revealed the influence LeBron James has had on his career, after winning the Molten Kevin Cadle BBL Player of the Month for January.

The Cleveland native, who turned 26 last month, attended the famous St. Vincent-Saint Mary High School, where he became the first freshman to start on the team since ‘The King’ himself, LeBron James.

When sitting down with the BBL show’ host and league legend Drew Lasker, King said: “To put it into perspective, the summer of 2012 was when he came and he was part of the NBA Lockout, so he did not start his season until late November. So for the first few months, he was with us on campus while we were getting ready for our season.

“He would be there working out sometimes and we would see him walking through the school if you were in class. What surprised me the most was that if you look past the fact he is one of the greatest athletes to ever walk the earth, he’s just a regular guy.

“When you talk to him, he’s down to earth, silly, makes jokes, just like everybody else. He just wanted us to feel comfortable around him even though he is who he is. That was really great to see; a player like him who has the status he has to come in and see the hard work he puts in, it inspires you.”

King’s involvement with the now all-time NBA leading scorer had a clear influence, as he was named McDonald’s All-American in 2016, before completing a three-year college career at NCAA Division One powerhouse Louisville.

“I feel like it was so long ago but it was great to be recognised for something like that,” expressed King on his past achievements. “It lets you know the talent that you have but I try not to hang my head on those types of things. I just remain confident with that and having that under my resume.”

King’s brilliance is clear to see following his recent personal accolade, as the forward supplied the firepower as the Flyers’ winning streak helped them retain their second-place position in the Championship standings.

Wasting little time establishing himself in the West Country, the American professed that much of the thanks on the Flyers’ form so far should be shared amongst the whole team.

“The main thing is the group of guys we have here, it’s more than myself,” said King. “I think we’re finding a way to gel and figure out which player wants it this way and where we can find players that way, just figuring out how to play with each other.

“Especially over the last month we have really connected and we’re finally hitting our stride.”

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Episode #9 is now available to watch, HERE.