James Wiseman
Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

High hopes were associated with James Wiseman when the Warriors drafted the former Memphis Tiger as the number two overall pick in 2020.

During his rookie year, the center suffered a season-ending injury. He returned to action this season, but is averaging just 6.9 points, 3.5 rebounds in 12.5 minutes per game.

There were discussions in the media about whether the Warriors should keep the 21-year-old going forward. At least from a financial standpoint it would make great sense to trade Wiseman.

Via John Hollinger of The Athletic:

“As a result, even small bits of window dressing could save eye-popping amounts of money after accounting for the tax penalty and the Warriors’ repeater status. That, in turn, focuses attention on James Wiseman. He’s owed $9.6 million this year and $12.2 million next year meaning that San Antonio, Detroit, Utah or Indiana could trade for him without sending anything back. Such a transaction would save the Warriors about $51 million in salary and tax this year and an estimated $85 million in salary and tax next year; a total of $131 million in savings to dump a guy who rarely plays.”