Grizzlies’ star Ja Morant was involved in an altercation with Andrew Nembhard from the Pacers after Morant’s father exchanged words with him.

The players of both Memphis and Indiana had to be separated by security to prevent escalation. Morant gave his side of the story after the game.

“Their guys, they were talking early,” Morant said, per Drew Hill. “Then when I went over there Andrew (Nembhard) was telling my pops to shut up. And then, pretty much, I heard my Pop ask him if he said, ‘Shut up.’

“I was trying to figure out who he was talking to, and it was him, so I approached him. I was seeing what he was on. I checked his temperature. He didn’t have a fever.

“Then (Pacers guard Chris Duarte) came over. He tried to push me trying to break it up and I told him to stop pushing me. He said he was cooling, then his teammates came over and he started talking. They kicked my brother (Pack) out. We got the dub. They kicked him out of the Forum, too. He’s my twin.”

Memphis won 112-100 to snap a five-game losing streak, while Indiana lost for the third time in row.