Ben Simmons is a three-time NBA All-Star, yet he has serious problems with his shooting. He is making 56.1 percent of field goals so far in his career.

When it comes to three-point shooting, that element of the game is basically non-existent for the Australian point guard. He has attempted just 35 three-pointers and made 5 of them in 311 games.

But according to former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, who watched Simmons play casual basketball, he is a good shooter, but he can’t make shots in an actual game. Agent Zero shared his insight into why that is.

“I like the way he plays the game,” Arenas said about Simmons on “Games with Names” podcast. “He just doesn’t do what he can’t do. If he can’t do it, he’s just not gonna do it.

“Now I would love playing with a guy who really doesn’t want to shoot like that. A guy who’s just gonna give me the ball the whole time!! Can’t say anything bad about that!…

“You know what’s funny, I’ve watched him train for weeks and he’s a good shooter. Like he’s actually a good shooter. I sat there and just watched him and I”m looking at his form, looking at his feet and I’m like ‘what the hell is going on with you, why isn’t it translating to the game?…

“There’s a certain type of player that just can’t shoot and it’s because of their speed. They’re too fast! It sounds like a weird thing but they’re too fast. If you go through recent history, Jason Kidd – super fast, couldn’t shoot, you’ve got your Westbrooks, you know…They have too much speed and torque so when you try and stop and pull up, it messes up everything.”