The Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving’s offense also has benefitted from his engagement on defense. He grabbed 11 rebounds, snatched four steals, and took a pair of charges Friday, getting himself going.

“I talked about just getting out of my own way and really thinking team first and put my body on the line and leading by example. … When I could get it going on defense and do the little things, it really makes a difference for me and I’m dialed in,” said Irving, who downplayed the showdown Sunday with Stephen Curry.

“That’s the foundation of us growing throughout this process is me getting out of my own way and allowing the other guys to help. …The ups and downs are going to come and go, but we have to stay poised and consistent. And it starts with me showing up every day and leading by example, and putting my body on the line and doing whatever it takes to win.”