Semifinals ended in the Turkish Basketball League. Anadolu Efes and Pinar Karsiyaka reached the finals.

Finals Schedule

09.06.2015 – Anadolu Efes-Pinar Karsiyaka

11.06.2015 – Anadolu Efes-Pinar Karsiyaka

14.06.2015 – Pinar Karsiyaka-Anadolu Efes

16.06.2015 – Pinar Karsiyaka-Anadolu Efes

19.06.2015 – Anadolu Efes-Pinar Karsiyaka (if needs)

22.06.2015 – Pinar Karsiyaka-Anadolu Efes (if needs)


25.06.2015 – Anadolu Efes-Pinar Karsiyaka (if needs)

Semi Finals

Fenerbahce Ulker (1) – Pinar Karsiyaka (3)

Fenerbahce Ulker who have been in decline after the Final Four, completed the season. Pinar Karsiyaka managed to reach the finals after 28 years.

Pinar Karsiyaka led the whole game but Fenerbahce managed to tie the game in the second half and the game went to over time in Ulker Sports Arena. Bobby Dixon hits from the free throw line at the last seconds in over time and Ufuk Sarica’s team win over Fenerbahce Ulker, 96-97.

Fenerbahce Ulker didn’t recognize the chance to Karsiyaka in the second game. Obradovic’s team kept the control of the game from start to finish and they managed the balance to the series with 84-70. But Pinar Karsiyaka returned to the home with court advantage.


The third game of the series was similar to the first game. Pinar Karsiyaka who holds the control of the game, didn’t prevent to the over time. Kenny Gabriel brought the victory a few seconds left in the over time.

Pinar Karsiyaka achieved an important victory against the Fenerbahce Ulker with the support of the fans in the last game of the series. Ufuk Sarica’s team dominated the game and the reached the finals with a huge victory. Fenerbahce Ulker remained out of the finals.

Bobby Dixon averaged 19.2 points 4.2 rebounds 4.5 assists and DJ Strawberry added 14.5 points 4.5 assists for Pinar Karsiyaka in four games.

Fenerbahce Ulker: 96 – Pinar Karsiyaka: 97

Fenerbahce Ulker: 84 – Pinar Karsiyaka: 70

Pinar Karsiyaka: 84 – Fenerbahce Ulker: 83

Pinar Karsiyaka: 82 – Fenerbahce Ulker: 64


Anadolu Efes (3) – Trabzonspor Medical Park (0)

While Trabzonspor leaving behind a very successful season, Anadolu Efes remained the finals for the second trophy of the season.

Anadolu efes retained control of the game in the first game of the series. They holds the difference in double digit during the game and had a victory with 85-56.

Trabzonspor Medical Park showed a good performance in the first half of the second game. But Anadolu Efes increased the tempo and win over Trabzonspor, 77-59.

Trabzonspor Medical Park played more effective than the first two games of the series. But Anadolu Efes took the control of the game with the 14-2 run and reached the finals by the winning the game 54-59.

Nenad Krstic averaged 11.3 points 7.3 rebounds and Stephane Lasme averaged 12 points 6.3 rebounds for Anadolu Efes.

Anadolu Efes: 85 – Trabzonspor Medical Park: 56

Anadolu Efes: 77 – Trabzonspor Medical Park: 59

Trabzonspor Medical Park: 54 – Anadolu Efes: 59