Photo: Fernando Medina/Getty Images

After nearly posting a triple double in last night’s 133-113 home win vs. the San Antonio Spurs, Orlando Magic guard Cole Anthony was asked if the team has any playoff aspirations this season (23 points/10 rebounds/9 assists).

(via Bally Sports Florida):

Reporter: “Cole, the morale is really high with you guys. I’m sure in the locker room, everyone’s pretty ecstatic. Is there any mention of what you guys want to do in the playoff picture? I’m sure that’s something you guys are looking towards. You guys are really trending towards that. Is there any mention of that in the locker room?”

Anthony: “Yeah, man. I think that’s what everyone in the locker room wants to ultimately get to is that playoffs, because anything could happen once you get to the playoffs. I think the main thing we gotta do now is just take it one game at a time, focus on the game, the task ahead of us, and let’s start looking in March, April and be like, ‘Hold on. We in that playoff picture. Alright, cool.’ So we’re just gonna take it one game at a time. We got a chance to get there.”