Daily Gossip, Wednesday 3/6/15

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We are around 24 hours away from the NBA Finals and despite witnessing the Golden State Warriors reach the summit the year after he was dismissed, coach Mark Jackson, back in the broadcasting booth, isn’t sweating it.

Via AP:

“To me, it’s an assignment, and my job is to tell the story,” Jackson said. “Sometimes people don’t like the stories, but it is what it is. So to me, I absolutely feel like no matter, if I’m calling a game between my brothers or my parents, the facts are the facts. The story dictates itself to me, and I relay the message to the viewers as good as I possibly can. That’s going to be my job whether it’s the Warriors or anybody else.”

In a task some people have compared to being a videographer at an ex-spouse’s wedding, Jackson’s every word has been dissected for any signs of bias or bitterness. […] “I read articles that I shouldn’t be doing it,” Jackson said. “To me, it was laughable. I’m absolutely winning and having the time of my life calling games with incredible friends and incredible people and working for an incredible organization. So it’s been a blast for me.”

When asked his emotions after Draymond Green came over to give him a hug and thanks during the (Western Conference Finals) trophy presentation, Jackson’s voice cracked as he talked of his pride. […] “To me, people blew out the emotional – a guy came over and said thank you,” Jackson said. “If you came to my church, you would say, Well, he cries every week. People say thank you. People show appreciation. I’m an emotional guy. That was all it was.”


Certainly welcome news not just for the Miami Heat fans but also for basketball supporters everywhere.

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh took part in some light training after he missed the last four months of the season with a blood clot on his lung.


Heat guard Dwyane Wade would reportedly welcome a new deal with the club that would be worth at least $20million per year.

Wade, who is 33-years-old may opt out of his current deal that will net him $16 million next season in search of a bigger payday in free agency.

Via Miami Herald:

A Wade associate has told people that Wade would welcome a contract averaging $20 million annually over the next three years. (Note we said welcome, not demand.) If that’s true, it would be understandable, considering the year 13-15 pay ranges for Duncan and Nowitzki. Wade’s agent, Henry Thomas, politely declined to confirm that or anything regarding Wade’s specific financial expectations. […] We’ve heard the Heat would prefer Wade opt in for $16 million next season, then take a very significant pay cut over the following two years.

The Heat would love for Wade to take a reduced salary like two other Hall of Fame-caliber players have: Tim Duncan (who earned $10.4 million this season) and Dirk Nowitzki ($7.9 million). Wade apparently has no interest in making anything close to that low. So is that reasonable on Wade’s part? […] Absolutely. Here’s why: The comparisons between Wade and Duncan and Nowitzki aren’t fair at this point because the Spurs and Mavericks stars didn’t take big cuts until well beyond this point in Wade’s career.

The variable with Wade, of course, is that he missed 28 and 20 games the past two seasons, whereas Duncan and Nowitzki never missed more than seven in any of the four seasons before their 13th. […] The injuries concern the Heat, according to a Heat official, and that’s understandable, too.