LeBron James
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

LeBron James asked the media why he has not gotten any questions from journalists about the 1957 Jerry Jones photo in which the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who was 15-years-old at the time, is seen standing with other kids reportedly trying to stop his black classmates from desegregating Central High in Little Rock.

The Lakers superstar reminded that when Kyrie Irving shared a link to an allegedly antisemitic movie on Twitter, he was asked about the incident and the media wrote many articles about it. However, he has not seen that level of attention to a 65-year-old photo.

Sports journalist Clay Travis reacted to LeBron’s comments by asking the four-time NBA champion some questions himself, reminding that James has never condemned China for the human rights violations. Also, that Nike that makes his shoes is using slave labor.

“Hey @KingJames since you want the media to ask you more questions about non-basketball issues. I have two for you: 1. Do you support basic human rights in China? 2. Do you believe Nike should make your shoes with slave labor overseas or pay a living wage in America?” he tweeted.

Finally, Travis asked the four-time NBA champion about his claim that a racial slur was written on his gate. “Third question: you claimed someone wrote a racial slur on your $20+ million mansion gate. The LA police investigated & found no evidence it ever happened. Why did you & your team lie about being victims of a racial crime? And why have you never apologized about these lies?”

“If the NBA media were filled with anything but woke pussies they would only ask LeBron non basketball questions for the rest of the season. But they’re all woke pussies so they’ll take their beating and like it,” Travis concluded.