We left behind the Excitement of play-off first round in Turkish Basketball League. Fenerbahce Ulker, Pinar Karsiyaka, Trabzonspor Medical Park and Anadolu Efes was remaining teams in the semifinals.


1- Fenerbahce Ulker – Pinar Karsiyaka


30.05.2015 – Fenerbahce Ulker – Pinar Karsiyaka

01.06.2015 – Fenerbahce Ulker – Pinar Karsiyaka

04.06.2015 – Pinar Karsiyaka – Fenerbahce Ulker

06.06.2015 – Pinar Karsiyaka – Fenerbahçe Ulker (if necessary)

09.06.2015 – Fenerbahce Ulker – Pinar Karsiyaka (if necessary)

2 – Anadolu Efes – Trabzonspor Medical Park

29.05.2015 – Anadolu Efes – Trabzonspor Medical Park

31.05.2015 – Anadoolu Efes – Trabzonspor Medical Park

03.06.2015 – Trabzonspor Medical Park – Anadolu Efes

05.06.2015 – Trabzonspor Medical Park – Anadolu Efes (if necessary)

08.06.2015 – Anadolu Efes – Trabzonspor Medical Park (if necessary)


(1) Fenerbahçe Ülker – Galatasaray Liv Hospital (8)

Fenerbahce Ulker faced Galatasaray Live Hospital in the most remarkable play-off series of the first round. While Fenerbahce Ulker eliminating the opponent with the home court advantage, Galatasaray Liv Hospital defeated Obradovic’s team on home despite three players injured.

Bogdan Bogdanovic has an important role in the success of the team. Sinan Guler was appreciated with the performance and the character for Galatasaray Liv Hospital.


Fenerbahce Ulker: 93 – Galatasaray Liv Hospital: 67

Galatasaray Liv Hospital: 70 – Fenerbahce Ulker: 69

Fenerbahce Ulker: 67 – Galatasaray Liv Hospital: 59


(2) Anadolu Efes – Türk Telekom (7)

Anadolu Efes passed the Turk Telekom after three games and remain the semi final. Despite Turk Telekom playing with great sacrifice, Ivkovic’s team skip the first round with the deep and high quality roster.

Dario Saric and Cedi Osman laid out an important performance for Anadolu Efes. Especially Cedi Osman returned quite well from injury.


Anadolu Efes: 88 – Turk Telekom: 71

Turk Telekom: 88 – Anadolu Efes: 83

Anadolu Efes: 93 – Turk Telekom: 75


(3) Darüşşafaka Doğuş – Trabzonspor Medical Park (6)

Trabzonspor Medical Park was the surprise of the first round. Markovic’s team swept the Darussafaka Dogus and added a new one to its success for this season. The result was disappointing for Darussafaka after the performance in the regular season.

Sean Marshall played averaging 15 points and Novica Velickovic had averaging with 18.5 points and 11.5 rebounds for Trabzonspor Medical Park in two games. Jordan Farmar scored averaging 19.5 points but it wasn’t enough for Dacka. Oktay Mahmuti’s future looks questionable as a head coach in Darussafaka Dogus.



Darussafaka Doguş: 76 – Trabzonspor Medical Park: 79

Trabzonspor Medical Park: 78 – Darussafaka Dogus: 71

(4) Pınar Karşıyaka – Banvit (5)

KSK was winning side in play-off match ups of two teams who had a successful season in the Eurocup. In game 3, Karsiyaka proved to has unstoppable offensive performance when its necessary. Ufuk Sarica’s team is closer to the target now. (Euroleague)

Kenny Gabriel had averaging 16.6 points and 6.6 rebounds in three games for Pinar Karsiyaka. Mejia was disappointing for Banvit. He played with 5 points in the last game.


Pinar Karsiyaka: 87 – Banvit: 79

Banvit: 70 – Pinar Karsiyaka: 66

Pinar Karsiyaka: 90 – Banvit: 79