LeBron James Michael Jordan
Photo: Chris Szagola; Beth A. Keiser / Associated Press

By just 30,000 votes Michael Jordan beat LeBron James to be crowned the GOAT of the NBA. The two of them are over 500,000 votes clear of third place Kobe Bryant.

Surprisingly new star Steph Curry beats Kareem-Abdul Jabbar to break into the top four, and Kevin Durant beats the likes of Larry Bird and Tim Duncan to break into the top 10. 

NBA greats Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain find their names in the top ten list, worthy positioning given their standing in the history of the game,

1Michael Jordan1480588
2LeBron James1451582
3Kobe Bryant886173
4Steph Curry791803
5Bill Russell698927
6Kareem Abdul-Jabbar628788
7Magic Johnson603620
8Kevin Durant588527
9Shaquille O’Neal541288
10Wilt Chamberlain512826
11Tim Duncan450739
12Larry Bird412327
13Hakeem Olajuwon266472
14Allen Iverson84113
15Jerry West50249

Which team has the greatest top four? 

The Lakers top four had the highest total of mentions across any of the other teams in the NBA, with their top 4 accumulating more than 2,500,000 suggestions for those players to have a place on the top ten list. They have made a rocky start to the 2022/23 season but their history speaks for itself. The Chicago Bulls come in second due to the huge number of suggestions of Michael Jordan, but with Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen also making the list he certainly has help.