Golden State Warriors’ MVP Stephen Curry recently made headlines … well, he actually didn’t, but his daughter Riley certainly did.

If by some divine miracle you haven’t seen it, take a look.

Now while that can be considered “cute”, “entertaining”, however you want to look at it, the media that sit through these press conferences, ask the questions, take down notes in order to meet deadlines so that you, the audience can read what’s happening in the NBA.

There are a few members of the NBA beat-writing community that have spoken out to Curry’s decision to take his daughter with him and have said that it is unprofessional.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Skip Bayless and Ramona Shelburne have been the big three to criticise Curry’s choice to bring two-year-old Riley to the podium, although the latter has said that Riley was cute and it would be difficult to challenge the player to take their children away so that both the journalist and player can focus on their work.

Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul has brought his son to press conferences in the past.

What do you think?


Duke standout Jahlil Okafor wants to go to the right team. And isn’t sure if he should be selected as the first pick.

Via SI:

I don’t know if I should go No. 1,” Okafor told SI Now host Maggie Gray in an interview that will air Wednesday. “I don’t care. I just want to go to the right environment for me and the right team. I think the hype about No. 1 is more for the fans.”


Ousted Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks is likely to skip coaching this year, with the priority being his family. And at 49-years-young, who can blame him?

Brooks is reportedly looking at some broadcasting opportunities during his time off.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

Former Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks plans to pass on interview chances with theDenver Nuggets and New Orleans Pelicans and appears inclined to sit out the 2015-16 season, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Brooks, 49, wants to coach again but plans to take the year to look at television opportunities and reconnect with his family living in California, sources said.