Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

While there’s doubts on whether the Lakers will even make the playoffs this season – a GMs survey done by ESPN put them as the 8th team in the Western Conference – Iman Shumpert thinks the team has what it takes to be successful.

The former teammate of LeBron James, who won a championship in 2016 with the Cavaliers, thinks that as long as Los Angeles’ star stay healthy, the team can make it to the playoffs and be dangerous there. He singled out Patrick Beverley, saying that he knows how to win in playoffs.

“If healthy. We’re talking about health…,” Shumpert said on VLAD TV. “We didn’t see Bron and AD, and Russ just healthy together figuring it out and it was a lot of lineup switches and this, and that. And they didn’t play well. Russ had a bad go at it, so they worrying about this. It became a circus around him.

“Y’all haven’t really seen them just in a grown man groove. Once it’s healthy and in the playoffs I want to hear everybody be so, like, AD and Bron in the playoffs is going to be dangerous. Patrick Beverley in the playoffs is an issue. He had that quote when he was like ‘They playing with me,’ like ‘I made it to the playoffs and that’s it.’

“It’s certain people that in the playoffs they get it. They know how to beat somebody four times. That’s a very important thing that you have to know how to do if you’re in the league. You have to know how to beat somebody in the playoffs… I feel like they have a team that knows how to win in the playoffs.”