Photo: Noah Graham/Getty Images

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is happy to see young big man James Wiseman back on the court.

(Via Golden State Warriors):

“I’m really excited for James. He was right by my side when we were both rehabbing, going down to Santa Cruz and here during the summer days when it was slow. He’s already been through so much early in his career, but his best years are ahead of him and far ahead of him. To have a 7-footer like him who is so athletic, and he works really hard, too. I’m really excited for him. Like, wow, what a great piece for us and our future. I’m just really excited for Wise. We haven’t had a big man like that in a long time. I think we have an amazing front court between him, Loon, JaMychal, Draymond. It could be one of the best in the NBA.”