Russell Westbrook
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

There are just a few teams in the NBA that would have some interest in trading for Russell Westbrook. One of those teams is the Pistons that has been in a rebuild mode for the last few years.

An anonymous Eastern Conference executive thinks that it makes sense for Detroit to take Westbrook, offload its veterans and take even more to get the project number draft pick Victor Wembanyama.

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“I’d be willing to get involved if I were the Pistons,” the executive said. “I would want that 2027 pick unprotected, and take back Russell Westbrook and send you all my veterans, all my junk. Right now, Detroit is taking the approach of just waiting, playing with the guys they got from the Knicks, and trading during the season. That team needs to tank some more, they need (Victor) Wembanyama, or at least they need to be in the mix.”

The Pistons missed the playoffs for the last three seasons. Detroit finished 13th, 15th and 14th in the East respectively.