Photo: Chris Nicoll/USA TODAY Sports

New Cleveland Cavalier Donovan Mitchell says he’s super excited to be reunited with former Utah Jazz teammate Ricky Rubio.

(Via Cleveland Cavaliers):

“He really helped me lock in on the little details as far as my work, as far as my craft, as far as the possession game. Just being able to watch him lead our team from the point guard position and allowing me to kinda take the reins as a young guy, which I didn’t even expect coming into the league and just kinda teaching me the little things throughout the game. I’m forever grateful for Ricky Rubio, and to be back here with him, he’s a little bit older now, but he’s still the lighthearted fun guy that I’ve always known. I’ve gone to Spain to see him and hung out with him. So to be back here with him is truly special.”