The San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, who attended the Eurobasket game between Italy and Greece, spoke with Sky Sport about European basketball and NBA basketball:

“Ten years ago, American basketball was mainly made up of threes and dunks, and with the arrival of basketball on European TV, I think everyone was very excited by this. In Europe, on the contrary, basketball was played based on fundamentals, movement, a basketball where players move with the ball and without the ball. I think the two worlds have been apart for a while, but now we are getting closer. All of us, especially coaches and managers, are beginning to understand this,” Popovich said.

“And thanks to the arrival of so many foreign players in the NBA, we have seen many more players geared towards having great fundamentals, different skills, especially when it comes to shooting and very disciplined. In this sense we have learned to go back to the basics, to the ABC of the game.”