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The Knicks were thought to be the primary trade destination for Donovan Mitchell. However, long trade talks culminated with nothing as the 25-year-old shooting guard was traded to the Cavaliers.

Reportedly, there was a mutual interest between Mitchell and the Knicks but the team could not work out a deal with the Jazz. Utah eventually took Cleveland’s offer.

For sports analyst Stephen A. Smith who is a fan of the Knicks this was another blow. He vented his frustration with the team by posting a video on social media.

“You see what I’m saying?! Every single time, man, something goes wrong,” Smith began his rant. “I wanted Donovan Mitchell in New York, I shut my mouth, I didn’t say a word! I didn’t say a word because I didn’t want to blow it, I didn’t want to get in the way.

“You got about 7 or 8 first-round picks. You got RJ Barrett, you got Julius Randle, you got [Obi] Toppin, you got Immanuel Quickley and you still couldn’t get Donovan Mitchell! You still couldn’t get him!

“So once again we’re going to into another season and the New York Knicks are devoid of a star. They’re somewhere other than at the New York Knicks uniform.

“This is what I’m trying to say. They make me sick. Nothing ever gets done in New York with the Knicks! Nothing! Nothing! It just never ends with the Knicks. It just never freaking ends. Aaarrrgghhh!”