The addition of Patrick Beverley to the Lakers roster earlier this month was met with a fair share of skepticism regarding his pairing with Russell Westbrook.

The two point guards have a history of clashing on the court when playing for opposing teams. Most recent example of that was during a game between the Lakers and Timberwolves this past season in which Beverley clowned Russ for his struggles on the court.

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith does not think that Pat Bev and Westbrook can coexist one the same team. Mainly, due to their history.

“He [Russell Westbrook] never cheats the game with his effort. He always shows up when healthy. He earns his money. We got nothing to say in regards to that,” Smith said on ESPN’s First Take.

“But I’m not of the mindset that the combination of him and Patrick Beverley can coexist because neither of them are shooters, Patrick Beverley is a primary defender and Patrick Beverley is a Hall of Fame agitator.

“This dude walks into a locker room and there’s a standard in culture that he’s trying to infuse and he’ll irritate his teammates just as much as he’ll irritate the opposition. When you combine that with the fact that him and Russell Westbrook hasn’t pretty much liked each other over the last years.

“Patrick Beverley was one of the people that screaming on the basketball court last year when he was in Minnesota and Russell Westbrook was playing against him, Patrick Beverley is one of the people screaming ‘He with us! Let him shoot! He with us!’

“Russell Westbrook ain’t the type of dude that’s just gonna forget stuff like that. I don’t think stuff like that’s gonna happen. I think that they cannot coexist and it will have to go, it will have to change.”

It was reported that the two teammates touched bases after the signing of Beverley was announced. In addition, the Lakers newcomer took to Twitter to defend his pairing with Westbrook.