Koroivos Amaliadas- Apollon Patras 74-68 o.t. (61-61)

Koroivos had more energy left during the extra time and snapped the win in a back and forth game which was based on tight defenses. Despite the visitors early lead 13-16, Koroivos returned to end the half in front 30-29

Again Apollon got in front but the lead changed hands several times to end the 3rd quarter with the score 43-45. Same pace until the end when Koroivos had the chance for a buzzer beater but the shot was blocked and the game went to overtime. Apollon could not play the same defense they did throughout the regular time and allowed 13 points that were more than enough to cost them the win. MVP was Rubio with  18 points and 11 rebounds.

Panionios- Panelefsiniakos 94-95

In a very entertaining game, Panelefsiniakos got the close win and maintained their hopes of avoiding relegation. The visitors got in front early on taking advantage of Panionios non-existent defense, 18-27. The “Red and Blue” tried to return but the visitors remained calm and got in the half leading 39-47.

Elefsina had control of the game after the restart of the match but Panionios did not let them to stretch the margin, 63-70 after 30’. The closing 10 minutes were very good with the two sides focusing on offense with the home team having Coleman in great shape, reaching within one but Panelefsiniakos was calm in the end getting the win. MVP was Looby with 16 points and 13 rebounds. For Panionios Coleman scored 23 points and 9 rebounds.

K.A.O.Dramas- A.E.Neas Kiffisias 67-51

The teams went hand to hand during the first period (12-15) until the 15th minute when a 7-0 run the home team had, established the point dfference to double digits to conclude the half in front 34-26.

The good offensive choices the home team had helped them to cover their defensive weakness and even raise the point margin to 14, 54-40. AENK could not recover mostly as a result of the bad situation in their locker rooms, giving away the win to KAOD who had Papamakarios leading the way with 16 points.

A.O. Trikala- Aris 74-81

Aris had the upper hand right from the first period (20-27), not allowing Trikala to take advantage of their home court. The visitors even got a +16 lead before the end of the half but a quick 8-0 as a response sent the two teams to the locker rooms 34-42.

The home side attempted to reduce the lead but coach Priftis’ side held on to a double digit lead until the end of the quarter when a couple of Ingram’s shots made the 52-58 score after 30 minutes. The last period was a close one with Trikala reducing the gap to the basket but Aris was more concentrated in the end, finally getting the win behind Adegboye’s 12 points. Alexander was the top scorer of the game with 16p. but it was not enough for Trikala.

A.G.O.Rethimno- A.E.K. 80-79

AEK’s stars were its weakest point against Rethimno that scooped the win in a heartbreaking match that kept AEK within the top 4 of the Greek Basket League but only for a while since Aris has one game less. The opening tip found AEK trying to dominate offensively but Rethimno answered the same way to end the first period 21-23. Same pace went on to the rest of the half when Schaftenaar and Hairston looked unstoppable and the half concluded 41-44.

The game’s good pace remained the same after the restart but the difference was that the visitors did not score so easily and were unable to keep scoring from inside since Mensah-Bonsu was not in good shape. AGOR even managed to overtake at the end of the 3rd, 60-59. The match was close until the end when Inglish could not convert his shots into points, Mensah-Bonsu committed his 5th foul and the home team  had full support of their fans to reach the win by one point. Schaftenaar was the MVP with 27 points while Hairston scored 22 points but missed some important free throws.

P.A.O.K.- Kolossos Rhodes 77-72

PAOK had a good point difference, wasted it but took the win, and now are most possibly 3rd during the regular season. Very good start for the home team which had great pace and good shooting totals, 27-17 after 10 minutes. Kolossos was not about to give up and that was made clear since the restart of the game found them trying to reduce the gap but a shot from behind the arc Langfrod made, got the point margin to 11 points. Kolossos answered the same way to end the half 45-37.

Same situation again for Kolossos that tried to follow, got closer but when Langford returned to the game helping the home side to recover, the 3rd period ended 64-53. The visitors were patient and took advantage of their opponent’s turnovers finally managing to bring the game within 3 (75-72). However Carter scored two free-throws to end the game for his side behind Langford’s 22 points. Tsamis was by far the best man for Kolossos with 14 points and important defensive help.