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Jamal Crawford Gives Deeper Explanation Of Why Pro Am Was Called Before Half-Time

Photo: Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

The game hyped-up Pro-Am, known as ‘CrawsOver,’ which left basketball fans lined up for hours to watch, completed much faster than expected on Saturday night.

The game featured NBA players such as Lebron James, Jayson Tatum, Dejounte Murray, and Pablo Banchero. Unfortunately, the game was called before halftime at Seattle Pacific University.

On Sunday evening Crawford was asked why was the court wet yesterday? Humidity or something else? on Twitter.

Crawford replied, “Let’s talk about it… The humidity was there because someone pulled the fire alarm, and powers that be felt more comfortable with the gym those doors closed. ( which we’ve never done,) but with that, it made the gym a hot box. Which in turn caused condensation.”

Why Crawford did not have the event at Climate Pledge Arena or the University of Washington has been asked. A Twitter user by the name of Jeff [@jdfchimp] Felizardo wrote, “I went to the game at the Key Arena years ago, and while it was great, and maybe necessary if you’ve got LBJ, it didn’t have the intimacy and personal energy of SPU. I went today and got to sit courtside to hear trash talk and meet players. Wouldn’t want to lose that.”

Crawford Replied, “Maybe bigger for one-off, but I don’t want to lose the core value of the essence of the pro-am. Nor do I want to “ big time” a place that has been down for us when the crowds weren’t like that. Certain things need to be executed better, and that’s on me.”

Jamal Crawford added, “See why I mean.. and the actual players feel that too.”

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