Photo: ESPN

Kevin Durant has a reputation of a player who loves playing basketball a lot. Ultimately, that is the reason why sports analyst Stephen A. Smith does not think the two-time NBA champion would sit out next season if his trade request is not met.

“If there was a part at a nightclub, KD would show up with a basketball, if he could,” Smith said on ESPN’s Get Up. “He’d show up with a basketball and play the gym shows. This brother is about ball.

“I know he’s doing great things with 35 Ventures. The Point Gods doc, everybody got to watch that. What a hell of a job he and Rich Kleiman and those boys have done. Major, major props to them. And he’s doing a lot of other things as well.

“But Kevin Durant’s heart and soul is about basketball. I cannot see him sitting out because he wants to play elsewhere and missing basketball games.”