Photo: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

As one of the premiere basketball forefathers, Julius Erving has paved the way for the current and future generations to enjoy and play the sport. A hall of famer, NBA champion and an MVP, he cemented himself as one of the most iconic players ever with his ability to glide and spark showtime inside the court. 

As such, when he was asked which is his favorite player today, Erving can only remember one: Kawhi Leonard. 

In an interview of Sports Illustrated’s AllClippers on Erving during the 9th Annual Cedric The Entertainer Celebrity Golf Classic, the Philadelphia 76ers legend didn’t shy away from expressing his admiration for Leonard. 

“Kawhi is my favorite NBA player,” Erving said. “Absolutely.”

“I’ll tell you what, it’s kind of like a mutual admiration. I really admire him, I haven’t sat down or had dinner with him or lunch or anything like that. We connected All-Star weekend during the top 75 [celebration]. It’s always just a cordiality there because he’s a favorite guy that I like to watch in the NBA. So I’ve gone on record and saying that, I don’t know if he’s heard about it or not.”

Erving is truly a big fan of Leonard, wherein the retired great even claimed earlier this year that he loves watching the two-time Finals MVP in today’s NBA. 

Due to his ACL recovery, Leonard was shelved by the Los Angeles Clippers for the full 2021-2022 season. 

Now expected to return, he has an unfinished business to finally lead the franchise to the promised land.