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10 Best NBA shots of All Time

The greatest moments in sports are the ones that fans remember for generations to come. Even if your team ends up on the losing end of such an iconic moment, you are not likely to forget the particular shot that caused you to feel such deflation when it happened.

Whether you follow basketball after finding the best online sportsbook or are a long-time fan and player of the sport, you may be wondering about the consensus on the most incredible shots that have ever been made.

Even though there are basketball series outside the National Basketball Association in the United States, most people agree that the best games occur in the NBA.

Below is a rundown of the ten best NBA shots of all time.

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1. Kyrie Irving vs. The Warriors

There are great shots in basketball that happen on most days of NBA action, as the world’s best players participate in this league. However, some shots are set apart from others because of the moments they create.

Kyrie Irving’s shot against the Golden State Warriors that ended the 52-year championship drought for the Cleveland Cavaliers is up there as one of those shots. Even though LeBron James was arguably the star of that game, both on offense and defense, Irving is the one who hit the dagger shot to end the Warriors’ hopes of winning that series in game 7.

2. Jordan’s Final Shot as a Bull

There are iconic moments in sports, but some moments go even beyond being iconic. Michael Jordan’s last shot as a Chicago Bull, which saw the team claim yet another NBA title, is one of those. His shot in 1998 against the Utah Jazz won the series in game 6 for his team, and cemented his legacy as the best player of all time.

3. Ray Allen vs. The San Antonio Spurs

When the 2013 NBA Finals rolled around, most fans and neutrals expected an easy series win for the Miami Heat. However, the team with LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade had to do it the hard way against the Spurs.

In game 6 of the series, Ray Allen hit an incredible 3-point shot from way downtown to ensure the Heat stayed in the series. They eventually won that game, won game 7, and went on to win the series.

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4. Kawhi Leonard vs. The 76ers

When the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers met in the finals of the NBA Eastern Conference, most people felt the winner of that series would go on to win the title.

Such an outcome is what transpired, and it took a moment of genius from Kawhi Leonard during his only year as a Raptor to ensure the team went on to win that series and the eventual NBA Title. His shot from the corner at the end of game 7 saw them win 92-90 and eliminate the 76ers.

5. Jordan Switches Hands in Mid Air

One of the most outstanding technical shots you may have seen on the basketball court was produced by Michael Jordan in 1991 against the Los Angeles Lakers. While the match was only game 2 of the finals, his shot was so impressive that it is still remembered today.

Jordan managed to go in for a dunk and instantly switch the ball from his right to left hand, as an oncoming player was ready to block his attempt.

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6. Russell Westbrook Wins the MVP

The 2017 season is probably the greatest of Russell Westbrook’s career, even though his team was unable to go all the way in the playoffs. 

He was playing at the highest level we have ever seen, and his excellent shot against the Denver Nuggets in April of that year showcased his talent to the fullest. Westbrook hit a shot from 36 feet away from the basket to score 50 points in the game and managed a triple-double as well.

7. Larry Bird vs. The Houston Rockets

One of the greatest players of all time, Larry Bird, hit an outstanding shot against the Houston Rockets in the 1981 NBA Finals game 1. Bird hit an 18-footer but knew it was not going to go into the basket. He followed up his own shot and managed to catch it midair before putting it into the hoop.

8. Allen Iverson vs. The Chicago Bulls

Most of the great players in basketball are the result of superstar players from the greatest of talents. While Allen Iverson may not be remembered as an all-time great, he had an iconic moment against the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan in 1997, when he crossed over Jordan with his dribbling skills and then scored from 18 feet.

9. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Skyhook

The great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played for the LA Lakers and was known for his skyhook shot that no one could stop. One of the best skyhooks he hit in his career was in 1984 against the Utah Jazz, as it caused him to become the leading NBA points scorer of all time.

10. Allan Houston vs. The Miami Heat

When Allan Houston hit an outstanding shot in game 5 of the Eastern Conference first-round playoff game against the Miami Heat, he helped the New York Knicks upset the no.1 seed at the time. His shot in 1999 is still remembered to this day by Knicks fans.

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