Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

From one wine and gold icon to another, both LeBron James and Mark Price shared a wholesome social media moment. 

James posted a tweet on Sunday, giving a huge shoutout on the 90s Cleveland Cavaliers star. 

As a response, Price expressed his appreciation on the post, noting that it is too bad that both him and James weren’t able to play together. 

The future hall of famer even followed up his love for fellow Cavs man by sharing a throwback highlight video of Price with a caption “beyond underrated.”

Like James, Price was a great one of his own, who carried Cleveland to prominence with his calm demeanor and elite floor command. 

Starting his career and playing for nine professional seasons in Ohio, Price received all of his awards in the NBA as a member of the Cavs: named as four-time All-star, 1993 member of All-NBA First Team, three All-NBA Third Team honorable and back-to-back winner of Three-point Shooting Contest. 

His number 25 was officially hanged in the franchise rafters in 1999.