Former NBA star JJ Redick had the opportunity to watch this year’s number one draft pick Chet Holmgren in person during the Summer League. He was impressed with what he saw.

The former sharp-shooter shared his thoughts on The Old Man & The Three podcast. “Watching Chet Holmgren in person was an experience,” Redick said. “Right away you are taken aback by his length, his frame.

“But a couple of things jumped out. Even during the pre-draft process and watching him play live. He’s got confidence to his game. He’s got competitiveness to his game. He’s got a really strong belief in self.”

Then Redick proceeded to list his favorite Holmgren’s Summer League plays, saying that he reminding him of a young Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“He did remind me of a young Giannis,” he continued. “I hate the comparison because Giannis is one of one and hopefully Chet will become one of one, but watching him move in transition, it reminded me of a young Giannis.”