Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Steph Curry has just won his fourth NBA championship as he led the Warriors past the Celtics in this year’s NBA Finals. The Golden State’s superstar caught up with LeBron James in number of rings won.

According to NBA Front Office Insider Bobby Marks, Steph is already the second best player of all-time behind Michael Jordan. While conceding that James is a great player, he thinks Curry is ahead of him.

“I feel that watching [Steph Curry] during these playoffs, certainly during that finals,” Marks said on ESPN. “LeBron James is a heck of great player, great player here. As I said, I saw [Michael] Jordan in his prime in the 90s, Curry reminds me a lot of that offensively where he’s a threat to beat you in a lot of different ways here.

“As I said, I think we’ve got 3 or 4 more years of prime Curry leading up. But right now I’m gonna stick with it and say he is the second best player of all-time.”