Heading into the final season of his career, there was no doubt that Dwyane Wade would be recognized as the greatest Miami Heat player in franchise history. On February 27th, 2019, what appeared to be a basic regular-season game for Miami against the Golden State Warriors ended in a spectacular fashion.

Down by two points with very little time remaining, D-Wade had the opportunity to be the savior for the Heat like he’s done several times before. Before we watch Wade’s last-second shot attempt, we need to understand what makes it so magical. It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on what Wade means to the Heat organization.

When he was drafted in 2003, Wade was the spark to building a losing franchise into a true contender. He essentially helped build the franchise. Throughout his career in Miami, Wade made several All-NBA selections, won three championships, and earned a Finals MVP but his relationship with Miami wasn’t always smooth.

Through several ups and downs, Wade at a time wasn’t a member of the Heat. But at this moment, he’s back in Miami to finish his career off where he started. To appreciate what D-Wade gave us in a magnificent finish, it’s worth remembering his legendary career with Miami, his ability to close out games in striking style, why his time in Miami ended, and how he found his way back to the Heat: