Photo: Elise Amendola/Associated Press

Jayson Tatum opened his first NBA Finals with a poor shooting game as he made just 3/17 field goals, but manage to contribute to the Celtics by creating opportunities for his teammates with 13 assists.

Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala praised the 24-year-old forward, calling him the future face of the NBA. The three-time NBA champion also called him ultra mature for finding ways to help his team even when he has an off night shooting wise.

“He’s becoming the face of the league,” Iggy said about the Celtics star. “Up and coming young talent. We know how much pressure we try to put on those guys to kind of take the man off of who’s gonna be at the forefront of the next generation. His name’s there as well-deserved and it should be.

“He didn’t shoot the ball well but he made sure that he was effective in other ways. That just shows kind of the ultra maturity of what he is 23? He’s 24. Even that is very young.

“Understanding you’re going to have some off nights in the Finals and just the way you adjust it. Got to tip your hat to especially to a guy like him with al that’s coming with what’s in the fold for his career.”