Photo: Troy Wayrynen/USA TODAY Sports

With an average price of $1,953, the Golden State Warriors are the most expensive of the four remaining teams. Their opponent, the Dallas Mavericks, is the second-highest with an average price of $1,206. Over in the Eastern Conference, the Celtics have an average price of $976, and the Heat have an average price of $895.

Historically, this is easily the most expensive conference finals round ticketiQ has ever tracked, and 2022 teams make up 3 of the top 5 conference finals home average ticketiQ has ever tracked.

The Warriors are most expensive Conference Finals round ticketiQ has ever tracked. The Mavericks and Celtics are 2nd and 5th, respectively.

For all teams, this year’s conference finals is their most expensive since ticketiQ started tracking the data in 2010. This is the Warriors 6th trip to the Conference Finals, and prices for their previous five appearances ranged from $732 to $1,200.

Mavericks prices this year are more than five times more expensive than their 2011 series. This is Miami’s 5th trip to the Conference Finals since 2011. Their four previous home averages ranged from $412 to $642.

Boston is making their 4th conference finals appearance since 2011, and their previous home averages ranged from $389 to $697.