Photo: Andy Hayt/Getty Images

Darius Miles opened up about when coach Doc Rivers told him he had to stop doing his Knuckleheads head tap celebration back in 2008 with the Boston Celtics.

(Via Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles):

“When I got to Boston the year after they won the championship, we was in preseason and I scored a couple of buckets. So you know, I was feeling myself. After I scored, I went tap, tap, and went on downcourt and did my thing. So, the next practice we bring it in and he’s like, ‘Yeah, Darius. This is a team. None of that individual stuff. None of that celebrating stuff.’ That was the first coach who ever told me that, that was on the team. Like I heard coaches from other teams say like, ‘Man, he’s doing this and that.’ But, that was the first coach that I was actually on the same team that was like, ‘Yeah, don’t do that.’”