The Chicago Bulls leaped from 11th to 6th in the East standings this season, making their first playoff appearance since 2017. 

Now that the Bulls have earned their respect from across the league, head coach Billy Donovan thinks winning games should get a lot harder next year.

(Via Jump View):

“We got off to a really, really good start this year. And it was really impressive to me with a new group that hadn’t had a lot of time together that they could gel and mesh the way they did. But, we’ll actually have to work harder going into this offseason and next year to even get back to this point. I think a lot of people were uncertain of what our team would look like. And I think as they started to go through the year, I think they earned and gained more respect around the league. And I think it will be harder next year. I just think because we got to this point there’s nothing guaranteed next year. What our approach and our mentality is going to be like this offseason and going into training camp will be critically important to build off some of the positive things that happened this year.”