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Betting on sports is hotter than ever, and the NBA is no exception – but you can’t go into it unprepared. Are you looking to place bets right here and now, or are you just doing research well ahead of time for next year’s games? No matter what your situation is, we’ve gathered our best advice for betting on the NBA in the list below. Read on to make sure you’re profiting as much as possible from your gambles.

Compare the odds on different betting sites

Before you place any bets, it’d be wise of you to make sure you’re getting the best odds. To many who’ve never placed bets before, it comes as a shock just how big the difference between odds on different sites can be. Even when you’re betting on the exact same game, you can win an absurd amount of extra money just by choosing the right betting site. So, always take the extra time to make the rounds on several different betting sites to check out who’s offering the best odds.

Know the rules that apply to you

The current rules on betting in your area are extremely important to do your research on before placing a bet. While there are several genuinely helpful websites out there just trying to help you make sense of everything – for example, check out the NBA betting rules in Florida here – there are unfortunately also plenty of shady ones. As a rule of thumb, legal websites will often make their legality very clear on their front page. If this can’t immediately be found on the website you’re looking at, take the extra time to make sure it’s legit. The gambling world is full of scams, so please be wary of them.

Follow players and teams closely

As all sports fans know, players are constantly getting injured, returning, retiring or feuding. And because they’re only human, this can greatly affect the outcomes of the games they play. To make sure this doesn’t affect your gambling winnings negatively, you need to stay updated on what’s happening with the players – both on the team you’re rooting for and the teams they’re going up against. Check news pages dedicated to basketball and the NBA specifically on a regular basis, do research on the teams’ history, the stadiums they’ll be playing at and how they’ve fared in similar conditions in the past – and you’ll know exactly when to place the big bets and when to sit a game out.

Look out for bonuses

Lastly, something many sports betters tend to forget: Remember to look around for the best bonuses before you bet. Similarly to the odds of the different sites, the bonuses available at the moment you’re betting can vary massively – and if you find a good one, you can in some cases double the amount of money you’ll be taking home. Especially welcome bonuses can win you a lot of extra credit and are worth looking out for. This is also one of the reasons why switching betting sites regularly will give you an advantage.