Draymond Green has delved into the world of podcasting by starting his own show called “The Draymond Green Show.” The three-time NBA champion often hosts other players as guests on his podcast.

He also discussed the current events in the league. In the process Green sometimes criticizes his peers as he tries to objectively look at the events.

By doing that Green puts himself in a peculiar position because he is talking about his potential teammates. The Warriors forwards says that it’s the fun part and he does not want to drop it.

Via Melissa Rohlin of FOX Sports:

“That’s the fun part,” Green told FOX Sports, flashing a smile. “That’s the challenge. Like, how to be critical of a guy while understanding that you have to play that guy probably. Or understanding that that guy could be a teammate in a month, a year.”

“I 100 percent want to be critical,” Green said. “That’s the job. Like, how are you ever respected if you’re not going to be critical and tell the truth? But my goal is to never — I don’t like to make it personal.”