LeBron James Russell Westbrook Lakers

At 37 years of age LeBron James is the NBA’s leading scorer this season with 30.1 points per game. This month he had two 50-point games. Despite his individual success, the Lakers have been struggling this year.

Sports analyst Skip Bayless thinks that the four-time NBA champion realized during the All-Star break that he is no longer able to carry the team to the playoffs and decided to focus on becoming a scoring champion instead.

“I think LeBron has realized what a tarnish this is going to be on his legacy,” Bayless said on UNDISPUTED. “Because to go from favorite to ‘we miss the play-in tournament’ — are you kidding me — and finish, I don’t know, 15, 16 games under .500, that’s the path they’re on right now.

“They’re only gonna be favored in one more game, they got 8 left they’re gonna be favored at home against Oklahoma City and that’s it, right? They only have three more home games.”

Bayless thinks that LeBron’s switched his focus on winning the scoring title in order to shift attention from the Lakers not making the postseason.

“He’s turned into the ultimate solo act,” he continued. “He’s actually Russell Westbrook without KD in Oklahoma City. That’s what he is. He’s just gone total solo.”