Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In the 2000s era that was dominated by skyscraping and legendary big men in the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Dirk Nowitzki, there was one man who boldly held his position against these people while seemingly revolutionizing the game with unparalleled athleticism, amazing versatility and explosive talent he possesses as a dynamic 6’7″ cager.

Shawn Marion is indeed ahead of his time. Nicknamed as ‘The Matrix,’ he is undeniably one of the resonating factors why we enjoy a positionless basketball in this current era and in the future generations to come. An ultimate swiss army knife who will fit in in any team on every given generation, he was widely praised within the NBA circle because of his abilities to defend from 1-5, produce highlight-reel plays, snatch double-digit rebounds on a nightly basis, and smash the scoreboards in offensive possessions.

Yet sadly, though he is gaining heartwarming respect and admiration in the league’s community, a lot of hoops fans only know him as the player who utilized perhaps the most unique shooting style –  which remains a lame subject of mockery and criticism.

And as Marion had his own opportunity to address this matter, he didn’t hold back expressing his thoughts and sentiments on the insult that his game continues to gain as well as what he accomplished during his playing days.

Joining a Twitter Space titled ‘Who Would’ve been the GOAT If they had more help’ on Tuesday, Marion fumingly responded against a fan for mocking his shooting form in a particular play. 

The recorded clip below shows the whole rant of the retired forward (Note: Contains profanity). 

On a serious note, no one can ever blame Marion for delivering his frustrations recently. He deserves his own flowers and tons of acknowledgment on what he contributed to the game today; the attention he continues to gain because of his unorthodox shot mechanics is disgustingly unfair – which only limits the diversity and appreciation we should empower towards basketball. Supporters of the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns truly understand what he provided and have impacted to attain winning ways. 

It is difficult to discard someone who boasts an NBA championship ring, four All-star selections, two All-NBA honors, and a stuffed career résumé highlighted by records. Arguably the ultimate X-Factor player of his period, Marion has to be showered more with such admiration and respect to at least fortify his underachievement throughout 16 seasons.