Luka Doncic
Photo: Dallas Mavericks/Twitter

Luka Doncic reached stardom in Europe before he arrived to the NBA. Despite being a in his teens, the Slovenian was arguably the brightest star in EuroLeague.

When he moved across the pond and started playing for the Mavericks, his numbers compared to those he had in EuroLeague increased noticeably.

Doncic once said that it is easier to score in the NBA than it is in EuroLeague. Luka clarified his quote on The Old Man and The Three podcast hosted by former NBA star JJ Redick and Tommy Alter.

“I’m just saying because of the rules,” he said. “If you have a guy like, let’s say Rudy Gobert, he can stay in the paint on defense in three seconds for how long he wants Just because of that rule you can have 10 more points easily.”