Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

CSKA Moscow president Andrey Vatutin referred to several topics during an interview in the official CSKA page on Sports including the willingness to add a point guard and Kevin Pangos, who eventually joined the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“It is completely clear to everyone that CSKA needs a player who could both score and organize an attack for partners, no one argues with this. It remains to find him. We are offered many options, but the one who is guaranteed to raise the level of organization of the game in CSKA without buildup is, alas, not yet visible.”

Vatutin also stated that CSKA waited for Kevin Pangos until the last minute before the former Zenit point guard decided to move to the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Last summer and early autumn, the coaches waited until the last moment for the decision of Pangos, who eventually decided to continue his career in the NBA. He was seen as the main organizer of the attacking game, but because of this, the staffing of the team did not turn out to be complete.”

“Does this tactic seem misguided given today’s problems? Maybe. Have you missed during this time the one you should definitely regret now? This is a matter of taste for everyone, in my opinion, there were no reasons to tear the hair on the head. There were no such unambiguous figures as Kevin. Micic stayed in Istanbul, Calathes in Barcelona.”

The EuroLeague giants are going through a tough stretch after their loss to Armani Milano last Friday. They sit seventh in the EuroLeague standings with a 12-8 record. An 9-3 record in the VTB conclude the situation in the VTB League tied in the second place with Zenit St.Petersburg.

On Thursday, the Moscow-based team will face the VTB leader UNICS Kazan for the EuroLeague Round 23 in an important matchup for both teams.

“Sports business is decided by the result,” he pointed out talking about potential adjustments moving forward, “So, if needed, personnel decisions will be made. But we must consider these decisions to help us not only in the present day but in the future as well.”