Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Nicolas Batum delivers an enticing information about the progress of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. 

In an almost three-hour interview with First Team via Twitch recently, the French forward detailed the workload of Leonard and his hopefulness together with the Los Angeles Clippers team to see the All-star duo donning their basketball uniforms later this season.

“We hope that after the All-Star break or early March they will come back,” Batum said, via translation of Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation. “Before leaving for the trip Tuesday morning, I went to do my covid test and went to the gym, and I saw Kawhi sweating, working out. He’s trying to come back, I don’t know if it will be this year, I am hoping so but I don’t know. If we get them in the next six weeks (a whole month before the playoffs)… We have a base of players around them who have a good level.”

George remains on the recovery shelf with a torn UCL in his right elbow, while Leonard is ahead of his torn ACL rehab based on the various reports from last December.

Though there’s a looming belief that the ball club is preparing for a possibility that Leonard and George won’t return this season as stated by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, it’ll be interesting to see what will be their true plans and direction moving forward — as they are currently sitting at the ninth seed of the Western Conference with a 23-25 tally and is composed of a deep, talented lineup being led by the coaching smarts of Ty Lue.

Having both of the star swingmen healthy and available means a solid and clear title contention for the Clippers. If these two will make an appearance for the qualified Clips soon in the Play-in or postseason, the rest of the West has to be alarmed for a fearsome competition.