The Los Angeles Lakers have had multiple players miss games due to injuries and health and safety protocols so far this season.

The new-look roster is yet to play a single regular season game where everyone is available. It is reflected in results. After 32 games, the Lakers are 16-16 and find themselves in the middle of the Western Conference standings.

According to Lakers newcomer Trevor Ariza, there are issues that the team is dealing with, but this is not a team that makes excuses.

“Well obviously as a group we’re not… our record doesn’t show where we want to be, our play hasn’t been consistent,” the 36-year-old forward said. “But we have stretches in games where it looks good, it looks great. We get better defensively, stretches offensively where we’re clicking but haven’t been able to put it all together.

“Again, we can make excuses of people not being here or getting guys in and out, people getting caught up. We can make excuses but this is not a team that does that. We are embracing the negative, I guess you would say, and trying to make it work.”

Ariza himself has only recently played his first regular season game after being sidelined with an injury during preseason. He is averaging 7.5 points and 3 rebounds and 1 assists over two games.