Photo: Jordan Johnson/Getty Images

After Karl-Anthony Towns aired his sentiments on Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic that he is indeed “the greatest big man shooter of all time,” fans across the basketball landscape raised their eyebrows about the given claim. 

“Honestly man, I ain’t gotta play like nobody. I’m me. I’m the greatest big man shooter of all time. That’s a fact. You can see the stats. I ain’t got to play like no one else. Everyone trying to find themselves to be the second version of me when I’m the first version. I don’t got to be the second version of someone else. I’m already an original. I don’t have to be a duplicate of someone else.”

– Karl-Anthony Towns

Yet, in the eyes of Dirk Nowitzki, who is considered by the majority as the real greatest, the remark just mirrors the confidence of the promising center. 

Joining the broadcast hub of the Minnesota Timberwolves-Dallas Mavericks clash on Tuesday evening, Nowitzki shows love on the swagger that Towns has shown in his abilities. Though the compliment was there, the legendary German cager reminded the two-time All-star that he isn’t there yet in the highest category. 

“He’s got the confidence and swag, that’s what you need to make it in this league,” Nowitzki said. “Not sure if he’s the greatest of all time already, he’s got a long way to go.

But the Mavs icon believes that if KAT will be able sustain the shooting success, there’s a chance that it’ll be able to sit atop of the game’s greatest shooting men. 

“But his touch is great and he’s got the full package … if he keeps playing like this, he’s gonna be up there before his career is over.”

As this current era continues to promote shooting and floor spacing on the big men, Towns have literally benefited the most. Mixed with that soft touch is his bulky appearance which allows him to barrel against the opponents down low. 

Yet, Nowitzki was one of the pioneers — a greatness personified in a generation that was topped by low post powerhouses in Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Shaquille O’Neal. His style and dominance were uniquely one in a million which gave him a spot in the history books, helping Dallas to claim its maiden title in 2011 and cementing his place as the greatest marksman amongst frontcourt players. 

As such, the way Nowitzki has talked about Towns only mirrors his down to earth attitude, humbleness and faith for the next generation. Above all, he will always be admired with his natural positive gesture and presence. 

Who knows where Towns will be taken by his immense talent, but certainly he will just continue to blossom as a modern big with a prototype skills.