Russell Westbrook Los Angeles Lakers
Photo: Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook was part of several trade rumors in the last few seasons. In August, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported Westbrook once called Kawhi Leonard to discuss the possibility of him playing for the Clippers.

Then, Leonard called Paul George, as the 2019 NBA champion wanted to play with a versatile forward like Paul George, who was a teammate of Westbrook in Oklahoma then.

“Man, listen, I never sit back and call anybody,” Westbrook told reporters Thursday when asked about the story and if he was interested in joining the Clippers.

“I sit back and wait, and figure out if somebody wants to play with me, and then cool, that conversation can happen. But those private conversations that are had, I keep that to myself, so I have no answer as it pertains to that.”

Westbrook was eventually traded to the Houston Rockets. He stayed there, alongside James Harden, for one season before moving to Washington via trade.

The UCLA product ultimately ended up back in Los Angeles when the Lakers traded for him before this season. The Lakers will face the Clippers Friday night.