Chris Paul Suns Nuggets
Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Chris Paul was an important part of the Phoenix Suns during last season, when Phoenix made the NBA Finals for the first time since 1993.

This season, the Suns remain the hottest team in the NBA, running a 16-game winning streak and having the second-best record in the league.

Chris Paul leads the NBA assists charts currently at 10.1 per game. He may have taken a step further back in terms of scoring, but he’s efficient as ever, shooting 47.2 percent from the field.

Mikal Bridges described Chris Paul and how he’s able to sustain his level of play in year 17 during a recent appearance on JJ Redick’s ‘The Old Man and the Three’ podcast.


“For one, that goes to him taking care of his body with his lifts and all that stuff. You can tell he’s mastered that. The guy’s vegan, the guy comes in with the trainer and he knows what lifts he’s doing. And if he needs to do it at certain times, then there’s routine.”

“And then step 2 it’s just his IQ, that’s what it really is. He takes care of his body so he can be out there and play. But his IQ is so, it’s so separate from a lot of people, man.”

“It’s gonna keep him on that floor till he’s 50 and he can’t barely move a bone on that quarter. It’s just his IQ and how smart he is, he just knows the game so well, it’s unbelievable.”

Mikal Bridges is having a great season, after playing a huge role for the Suns during last season. The versatile forward is averaging 12.9 points shooting 54 percent from the field and 39 percent from deep.

The Suns will face the league-leading Warriors on Tuesday, in one of the most anticipated regular season games so far this year.