The issue of low effort has been coming up for the Los Angeles Lakers occasionally this season, after the team has been wasting leads and losing games it could have won.

Russell Westbrook, who is known for going hard in every game, was asked about the topic after the win against the Detroit Pistons. “It’s disappointing but at the same time I understand the process. Like I said last week, I never panic regardless of what’s going on. Something I live by. Just stay the course.

“Adversity is something that is I think it’s great in life in general. It build character. It kind of shows who you really are when things are not going your way. And if you can kind of stick through it through the ups and downs which I think guys are kind of just starting to figure out, ultimately at the end you’ll be happy with the result.”

Westbrook was the second top scorer for the Lakers against the Pistons as he finished the game with 25 points in 37 minutes of play. He also had 6 rebounds and 9 assists.