A quarter of the NBA regular season has passed, but the Los Angeles Lakers are yet to play two of their newcomers in Trevor Ariza and Kendrick Nunn due to injuries.

In addition, other players, including superstar LeBron James, have been dealing with injuries that kept them away from playing for different periods. He was asked how challenging this season is for him after the win against the Detroit Pistons.

“It ranks right at the top with any other challenge I’ve had in my career which actually brings out the best of me and I love that,” the four-time NBA champion said. “I love trying to figure out how we can be better, get through the mud or get through adversity and just make it sweeter on the back end.

“I feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface on what team we can be. We’re going to continue to get better and better as we continue to learn each other more and more, continue to work into our system offensively and defensively.

“Like I said in preseason and training camp and everything, I believe we have nine new guys coming into a system they haven’t been in. It takes time. And obviously you hate losses. We don’t want to lose, we get frustrated. We were just mad as heck the other night after that SAC loss. We made a point to come in today very focused on the game plan, learning from our mistakes and then we got better.

“We’re a team that cares and we want a team that wants to continue to get better throughout it all.”