Photo: NBA

The National BasketBall Association is an established basketball league in America, and attracts many bettors to wager on NBA games year in year out. The tournament is made up of 30 basketball teams, all packed with stars and legends that square off in the basketball pitch weekly. Some of the most notable players that have enjoyed a good tenure at the NBA include Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls), LeBron James (L.A. Lakers), Magic Johnson (L.A. Lakers), Bill Russell (Boston Celtics), Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets) and many more.

Every season of the NBA is special, and every year the teams battle it out to crown one champion at the very end, one team that has made it through the ranks and reigned victorious. Annually the NBA also awards the title of MVP (most valuable player), with most basketball bookmakers out there offering odds even before the basketball season kicks off. Fast forward to this year’s season, the 2021 – 2022 season, as the NBA is set to celebrate 75 years of its tenure, 75 years of bringing the elite to the basketball pitch, and 75 years of having followers and bets placed worldwide. Dubbed the NBA75, this season is set to commemorate its lasting legacy in a fashionably big way.

Celebrating 75 years of great basketball, this season is not your traditional basketball season, and is set to offer fans some show stopping moments. Here is what to expect from the NBA 75:

The 75th Anniversary Basketball Team

As we mentioned, the NBA has seen some star quality players through the years, some that will leave a lasting memory imprinted in us all. During the NBA 75, a 75th Anniversary Team has been launched composed of some of the biggest basketball players of all time. Since this is a once in a lifetime event, the NBA launched 25 players at a time, starting the 19th October to the 21st. A set of players was announced daily at ESPN, ET, and TNT respectively.

What games to expect at the 75 NBA

The basketball season will be composed of your traditional basketball game line ups along with some additional games to commemorate 75 years of the NBA. Other games aim to pay tribute to some of the biggest moments of the sports with the NBA 75 Classic Matchups. A match between the New York Knicks and the Toronto Raptors is set to take place on November 1st, and is a nod to the Knicks vs Huskies game from 1946. In December, the first three teams who have joined and consistently featured in the NBA will square off in a trilogy matchup that includes the Knicks, Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors. And 50 years from the day of the Lakers vs Hawks match of Jan 7th 1972, will be remembered with a match between the 2 current teams.

NBA 75 Logo and Uniforms

When we mentioned that the NBA is going all out with the NBA 75, we were not joking. To launch and market the event, the NBA has launched a logo that will represent and commemorate the basketball’s 75th season. The anniversary season logo is your traditional NBA logoman coupled with a 75 figure on it and also a diamond, and is featured on all courts, official NBA merchandise and on all new uniforms. All teams have received new NBA 75 uniforms that have the new logo, thus creating a timepiece memento in NBA history.

What else to expect?

If we had to talk about the NBA, we have to walk down memory lane, and celebrate the greatest moment in the sport. And who better to do this than Michael B. Jordan? Celebrating the NBA 75 in a massive way, on October 7th, the NBA launched a short film entitled ‘NBA Lane’. The film includes more than 30 NBA legends who have made it to the basketball Hall of Fame.

If you are a basketball fan, this NBA season will be one to remember. Apart from watching our favourite teams square off, we will also enjoy classical moments and athletes that have shaped up the sport to what it is today. Betting on some of the games will also be available at NBA-related sportsbooks. We promise you, the NBA 75 will be one to remember, and betting on games will add that extra element of joy to your already love of basketball.