Image courtesy: David Caraccio

Tristan Thompson didn’t hold back expressing his disappointment and frustration following a 107-97 defeat to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night.

Addressing the media post-game, wherein they will head back home to Sac-town with an 1-3 road trip record, Thompson literally voiced out what the team truly needs in winning — and it is not about head coach Luke Walton, who is rumored to be terminated if the Kings continue to slide down the ladder.

“No one should ever need a coach to inspire them. If you don’t get inspired in a game, then you shouldn’t be on the court,” Thompson told reporters. “Losing teams, losing players, they need to get inspired by their coach.”

The Canadian understands that the talented Kings have the tools to win, but it is the willingness to capitalize these things that truly lacks them.

Thompson further emphasized that they do not need a coach to inspire them in playing and winning plenty of games.

“The day I need a coach to inspire me is the day I’m f*ckin’ retiring. I’m going to go play with the kids in a park. I speak for my teammates with that quote.” Thompson said.

The veteran big has the knowledge that Sacramento hasn’t savoured any NBA playoff appearance yet since 2006 — the longest drought so far. With that, he made it clear that things will be alright as they move forward and be collective.

“We’re going to stay together … C-webb [Chris webber] and Mike Bibby aren’t walking through that door.” Thompson told media persons.

Time will tell that necessary moves will be executed on the side of the Kings. Indeed, these truthful sentiments by Thompson shall slap and wake the entire lineup to strive for the better.

The Kings are holding a 6-9 card, 11th in the Western Conference. They will try to turn things around as they face the visiting Toronto Raptors on Friday.